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A directory, A multitude of benefits

We have gathered the essential tools to connect your restaurant with your customers

Restaurant informations

Add the name, phone number, and basic information to find your restaurant.

Opening Hours

Provide the days and times your restaurant is open to ensure customers know when they can visit.

Address & Map

Share your restaurant's address and a map to help customers find your location easily.


Select the type of cuisine your restaurant offers to let customers know what kind of dishes they can expect.

Social Network

Add links to your social media profiles to connect with customers and keep them updated on your latest news and promotions.


Provide a link to your website so customers can easily access more information and make reservations online.

Contact Form

Activate a contact form to allow customers to reach out with inquiries, feedback, or reservations.

Action Button

Configure an action button to encourage customers to take specific actions, such as making a reservation or placing an order.

Customer reviews

Respond to customer reviews to showcase feedback and build trust with potential clients.

Booking request

Respond to booking requests to manage reservations and ensure a smooth experience for your customers.

QR Code generator

Respond to QR code generation requests to provide customers with easy access to your menu, website, or promotions.


Respond to frequently asked questions to provide clear and helpful information to your customers.

Improve your sales with attractive Menu

We create highly attractive and well-structured menu designs to boost your sales by guiding your customers towards the most profitable dishes.


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