Ads On Tuk Tuk

More than 50 cars in Hua Hin City

Where are the tuk-tuks visible?

The tuk-tuks are primarily visible in Hua Hin.

Our tuk-tuks circulate through high-traffic areas, including the city center, beachfront, and popular shopping districts, ensuring maximum visibility for your advertisements.

What is the cost of advertising on a tuk-tuk?

The cost to display your advertisement on a tuk-tuk is ฿ 2'00.- per month, per tuk-tuk.

The Minimum order is 1 tuk-tuk.

What is the cost for creating PVC panels for the advertisements?

The cost for creating three PVC panels for one tuk-tuk is ฿ 850.-

These panels are ordered only once and will be used for the entire duration of your advertising campaign. 

Customers can provide their own PVC panels if they prefer.

Where is the advertisement displayed on the tuk-tuk?

The advertisement is visible in three locations on each tuk-tuk: the rear, the left side, and the right side.

What is the size of 3 panels?
  • Back Side : 125 * 60 cm
  • Right Side : 60 * 30 cm
  • Left Side : 160 * 35 cm
Can I choose the design of my advertisement?

Yes, you can provide your own design or we can assist you in creating an attractive advertisement.

What is the cost for designing the panels?

The cost for designing the 3 PVC panels are includ if you order the 3 PVC panel to us.

You can also use your own design.

What are the benefits of advertising on tuk-tuks?

Advertising on tuk-tuks offers several advantages. 

It provides high visibility in busy urban areas, ensuring that your message reaches a large and diverse audience. 

Additionally, it offers an attractive cost per impression, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy. 

The mobility of tuk-tuks allows your advertisement to travel through various parts of the city, increasing its reach and impact.

What is the minimum rental duration for an advertising campaign?

The minimum rental duration is typically 2 month , but we offer flexible options based on your needs.